About Us


Our experienced team has been importing and sourcing products for over 30 years. PPE Advantage has become a major provider of PPE and infectious control product for the new normal.  Our business pivoted from a global sourcing company to PPE in March 2020. In order to avoid the most deceptive practices going on in the marketplace, we only source from certified factories, with representatives on-site, to ensure the guaranteed delivery of your quality PPE order. We work virtually around the clock across datelines and time zones, and are up to date on all government changes that are occurring in both the US, Canada and China.

Our ability to Guarantee Delivery, has allowed us to quickly become the go to sourcing supplier for a wide variety of medical, dental, government, schools, retail, and janitorial supply companies.  



  • You need convenient one stop shopping for all your PPE needs.
  • You count on great pricing and full transparency.
  • You deserve expert guidance and authentic customer service.
  • You expect your orders delivered or refunded – GUARANTEED!  



  • We are direct importers, so we don’t normally hold any inventory.
  • We don't buy for speculation; we buy and sell for use.
  • We deliver on every order we take, start to finish. GUARANTEED!
  • We do not work with or handle any 3M Masks or products
  • We do have opportunities for whitelisted masks, appendix A masks and large quantity buys of nitrile gloves that do not show up on our website. Just shoot us an email (info@ppeadvantage.com) or give us a call (773.887.2266) and will be happy to walk you through what we can deliver, and what additional new items that might be available.